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       £2150.00 per person in a shared room

       Single supplement £180, subject to availability



       Full board (brunch, dinner & snacks) in rustic apartments with a private pool.
       All tuition (200 Hrs)
       Teaching Qualification and Diploma recognised by the Yoga Alliance
       Return airport transfers from Malta (MLA) Airport

       Flights & holiday insurance


Sunra Yoga Teacher Training Course...

Q:  What makes our Yoga Teacher Training Course different to other training courses?

A:  You will be trained and qualified by the widely respected course director Barbara Gordon within a small group

The course features personalised instruction, many hours of teaching practice & personal development time (group therapy) with a highly qualified and experienced team of instructors.


The Venue:

Sunra is delighted to be hosting the next Teacher Training Course at this stunning new location. A jewel in the Mediterranean with its wonderful weather, stunning scenery & beaches, steeped in history and as yet quite unspoilt, we invite you to come, relax and enjoy this beautiful island of Gozo!

The island is a masterpiece created by nature, with its pristine shoreline, untouched country trails, baroque architecture and 7000 years of culture.  The government have a project in place to make it an Eco island with a view to complete the project by 2020 & it is fast becoming a tourist attraction in its own right.

Gozo is easily accessed by a 20 minute ferry ride which runs 24/7 from the port in Malta, half an hour from MLA Airport.  Airlines fly daily from all over Europe offering inexpensive flights all year round.  For UK flights please look at &  For flights from Europe & worldwide please look at


Yoga Teacher Training Courses are directed by Barbara Gordon.  Barbara trained & studied with the great Swami's Vishnudevananda, Satchitananda, Venkateshananada, Chitananda, Sogyal Rimpoche, Krishnamurti & is still in regular training with Guruji Mohan, the enlightened Master/Healer.

Born in Scotland, Barbara started her yoga studies in London and from there went to The Sivananda Ashram in Val Morin, Canada where she studied with Swami Vishnudevananda in the Sivananda style of teaching yoga.  Sivananda is a soft gentle style of yoga with emphasis on breathing and relaxation.

Returning to London, she then set up the Sivananda Centre & has since  taught over half a million people yoga & trained many of London's now leading yoga teachers.  Teaching yoga & running courses all over the world, Barbara has certified over 250 yoga teachers.


Barbara will be assisted by Monica Farrell.  Monica has been teaching yoga for 13 years in various countries around the world.  Although trained in India under the Sivananda system of Hatha Yoga, Monica has studied many forms of yoga including Ashtanga, Kundalini, Iyengar, Satchidananda and Scaravelli. Her classes are both meditative and empowering and integrate core techniques from yoga and wisdom traditions from both East and West. Monica helps students discover their own flow and alignment with Source by retuning the body/mind with movement, asana, breath and contemplation.  


Yoga Teacher Training Course, Gozo, Malta

Next Course Dates To be Confimed

(200 hours Yoga Alliance accredited)

The Yoga Teacher Training Course

The course is open to anyone who wishes to study yoga in depth, whether or not you want to become a teacher and regardless of previous experience. The main requirement is an open heart and a willingness to learn this ancient art.  Some people refer to it as “boot camp” which is not far from the truth!


This is not to say that students will not be able to fully enjoy the beautiful locations, but this is in no way shape or form or by any stretch of the imagination “a holiday”.  You will live, eat, breathe, dream, think YOGA, which is why, by the end of it, you will have had a life changing experience that can only result in you becoming a “better person” with a realistic experience of yoga life in its entirety.


The course will tell you if you want to teach and most people who have done it go on to do so very successfully.  To name but a few, Katy Appleton who was teacher to Gerri Halliwell and Sarah Ferguson, David Olton who specialises in yoga ballet fusion, the late Sue Pendelbury Director  of Yoga on a Shoestring, Nell Lindsell of Yoga Bugs, Maria Santangelo and Nigel Guilderson.


Course content:

The course includes extensive study of the asanas (postures), in the Sivananda tradition. Sivananda is a style of Hatha yoga, which is the physical aspect of yoga.

You will have two asana classes a day, one for your personal practice and development and one teaching you how to teach.  Each asana of the twelve in the Sivananda system will be broken down, dissected and practiced until it becomes an intrinsic part of your psyche. 


You will also have a great deal of teaching practice under supervision and by the end of the course you will have taught two full classes. The emphasis of the course is that you have an in depth knowledge of the asanas and how to teach them safely.

Most people find the course life changing due to the intensity of it. This is not just about learning yoga but deeply learning about yourself.  There is great emphasis on how to teach safely and a great amount of repetition so you fully understand the fundamentals of teaching yoga asanas and to give you plenty of opportunity to ask as many questions as you need.


The course will also include personal development/healing workshops, chanting (the yoga of devotion), anatomy and physiology, applied anatomy & physiology which explains how this relates to the practice of asanas and yoga philosophy.  You will also be learning and practicing at length meditation and pranayama (breathing exercises).


There will be at least one day of “Mouna”, which means silence. Often people are afraid of silence, in as much as we can’t sit still for very long, most people are unable to be alone in silence. Usually one creates some sort of distraction, for example, radio, computer, tv, reading, phone… etc!  Mouna is a traditional yoga practice which enables you to face your inner self, again something people mostly never do. To be a good yoga teacher you have to be able to look at yourself and face your demons.


Yoga philosophy:

This is a life long study in itself and we can only give you an overview in the limited time we have.  However, again, if you cannot look at yourself and you know nothing about the philosophy, how do you expect to become a teacher?


We therefore make sure that you at least have a basic understanding of the underlying nature of the philosophy of yoga, including Vedanta, Gita, Upanishads and Patanjali who wrote the original yoga scriptures.


There is a huge misconception in the West that yoga is just about attaining the body perfect. What use is a perfect body if the mind is polluted?  A quote by my revered teacher, Swami Vishnudevananda: “The asanas are the kindergarten of yoga”. This ultimately enables you to be able to sit for very long periods of time without moving, for meditation.


Most people in the West can’t sit still for more than five minutes, let alone still the mind for a split second! The ultimate goal of all yoga practice is meditation, leading to the highest state of conciousness (Samadhi), self knowledge/enlightenment.


The hardest challenge for the Western mind to achieve – as mentioned earlier, is to sit still or be alone in silence.  This is why, especially in the West, they turn to alcohol abuse and become addicts of many descriptions.  The answer to all human problems can be eliminated through training the mind and mastering meditation, which can also take many many years of practice.



You will be learning and practicing in great detail Pranayama,  which is an intrinsic essential component of Hatha yoga.  Breath is life, therefore the study of Pranayama gives you more life, better concentration, more energy and can help with sleeplessness.  Not only does it feed the brain, every cell and tissue of the body is revitalised and reenergised.

Please read the following schedule carefully so that you realise exactly what you’re embarking on:

Yoga teacher training course daily schedule:

6.30am               Meditation and Chanting

8.00am               Teaching class

10.00am             Brunch

2.00pm                Lecture

4.00pm                Pranayama Asanas (Personal Practice)

6.00pm                Dinner

8.00pm                Meditation & Chanting


There are two free days during the course.


Alcohol and drugs are strictly forbidden. If you smoke cigarettes it is requested you try to keep it to a minimum & do it away from the group.


We are looking for a love & passion for the subject & students will be assessed throughout the course as well as taking a two hour written exam.


If you have satisfied the examiners at the end of the course, you will receive a Sunra Teaching Diploma, recognised by Yoga Alliance.


If however we feel you are not quite ready yet to teach, you will receive a diploma stating you have completed the course & need further time/study to become a teacher.



Students will stay in rustic apartments which have a large pool and both indoor and outdoor spaces for practice.  Generally all rooms are en suite or have a shared bathroom.  Single occupancy & supplement is subject to availability.




Brunch and dinner are included in the price, we will be offering a delicious range of  veggie meals.


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