Our yoga holidays...


Sunra is delighted to offer holidays to this stunning new location. Wonderful weather, stunning scenery & beaches, steeped in history and as yet quite unspoilt. A jewel in the Mediterranean, this is a great opportunity to deepen your practise, relax and enjoy in this beautiful island of Gozo!

Our yoga holidays vary slightly from location to location but the schedule is almost always the same.

There are two yoga classes per day, with a morning class only on your last day, totalling 11 classes per one week holiday.  You’ll have one free day in the week to visit places of interest or completely chill out.

There is always plenty time for sun bathing, swimming, shopping & exploring your surroundings.
Apart from the yoga, massage treatments are always available - yoga and massage are extremely complimentary to each other.

Other treatments are often available: eg Reiki, Reflexology & various kinds of massage, subject to the available practitioners.

These holidays give newcomers to yoga a chance to try yoga to see if it suits you, or for people already practicing to develop to a higher & deeper level.

Either way people get a great deal out of it, both physically and mentally.

Most people come to chill & that is almost always achieved. People have been known to come for a one week holiday & dramatically change their life style on their return home.

It must always be remembered that the practice of yoga is not just about the body. It has a deep effect on the mind in a very positive way.

More and more people are practicing yoga nowadays - even the medical profession recommend it for stress, anxiety & many other ailments so common in the western world.

Give it a try & see for yourself. Everyone & anyone, no matter your state of fitness or health, can benefit from it!